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Mark Your Calendar!

Thu., Sep. 14 Zumba class cancelled tonight!  Watch the website further details!

Tue., Oct. 3 7:00 p.m. QEXCA Annual General Meeting at Sports on Tap, 2606 Lorne Ave.  The meeting will be open to all residents of the Community.

Thu., Oct. 5 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Queen Elizabeth/Exhibition Neighbourhood Traffic Review Follow-up meeting, St. Frances School, 2141 McPherson Ave.

Watch this space for other upcoming events.

Got Time?

We can use your help to:
  • flood the Queen Elizabeth outdoor rink
  • help organize a special event
  • take meeting minutes
  • assist with fundraising
Can you help? Do you know someone who could? Please, let us know!


Many thanks to SUM Theatre for its fantastic, funny and engaging production of The Woodcutter and the Lion, on Monday night July 17. We were thrilled to host this talented group of actors. An enthusiastic audience of 120 enjoyed a great evening in beautiful Exhibition Park. (We have sent a note of thanks to Environment Canada for the great weather.)
Relive the event, or see what you missed, through some of our Photos.

It's Your Community ...


All it takes to reduce your speed in a school zone is an additional 12 seconds of travel time. 12 seconds—the difference could save a life! As a motorist, you have a responsibility to obey posted limits and drive in a safe and courteous manner.

The maximum speed limit in a school zone is 30 km/h and is designed to give motorists and pedestrians more time to react in an emergency. Following this rule within a school zone can help you avoid a tragedy. Speed fines in a school zone start at $210.00 and can be in excess of $500.00, with licence suspension, vehicle impoundment and an SGI penalty of three demerit points.

Block Parties are a great way to build social connections, meet your neighbours, know and improve your community. Ask us how QEXCA can help.

Graffiti Reduction
Spring can often mean that it is graffiti season. Rinks are often a target for Graffiti. If you see graffiti, please, follow these steps:
Record It - Take a picture of the graffiti vandalism as soon as it is identified.
Report It - Report all incidents of damage to your property by calling Saskatoon Police Service at 975-8300.
Remove It - Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. The faster and more frequently graffiti is cleaned up, the less it reappears.
To report graffiti vandalism on property other than your own call 975-2828.
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